Try XUMM Sign Requests

If you have XUMM installed and want to try a sign request, you can do so by donating an amount of your choosing to Ali, Tristan and Wietse, the creators of XUMM (at XRPL Labs).

What to expect

Assuming you have XUMM installed and set up on your smartphone:
  • Enter an amount (in XRP) to donate. You can safely enter any amount you wish, as you can always reject the sign request
  • If you are on your desktop computer:
    • You will be redirected to a page containing a QR code
    • Scan the QR code with XUMM
  • If you are on your smartphone with XUMM installed:
    • The XUMM will automatically launch
In the XUMM app you can review the sign request. After rejecting or signing you'll return here.

Enter an amount in XRP to donate using a XUMM sign request: